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Happy International Women’s Day

Hey Say Word Fam!

In honor of Women’s Day I wanted to write a little blog about the women who surround me, the women I look up to and the woman that I am.

As I had mentioned in our episode yesterday, I grew up in a male saturated environment when I was younger. I was raised by women and always saw women as the law, the love and the care but all my friends were all guys and I was the tomboy for many years of my life. I was felt like an outcast when I hung out with girls later in my years cause I didn’t really know the lady protocol or wtv you want to call it. It took me a while to really appreciate women as friends. Lucky, now I know females from many different backgrounds with many different goals and have been able to connect with women who don’t fit society’s cookie cutter view of women and define womanhood for themselves. These ladies inspire me daily, show me great support and have been some of my best collaborations. If I had one wish to make for this International Women’s Day, I would ask for more women like the ones in my close circle and that we continue to build together without it being in rivalry with our brothers but truly because we believe in each others beauty, talent, strength and work.

We are still a long way from equal in this world and though I am surrounded by amazing women and men that almost make me forget that prejudice exists, I think it’s important that we take this day and remember why we fought to have a day in our honor. Remember that we are treated as a minority when we make up the majority, that we are typecast on physical appearance, that we are underpaid, that we are under-represented, that some of our relationships are terribly imbalanced, that we are lusted for our sensuality but disrespected for owning that same sensuality, that we get less opportunities, and most importantly that these abuses come from men and women alike. If you make it to top and no longer live this nonsense, bring a sister up with you and don’t let yourself believe that you made it man’s world but acting like a man.

I would like to a make a special shout out to my mother who has been my everything, to my other mothers (all of the globe) who gave me so much love, to the my loving sisters, to my amazing girlfriends, to my adoptive niece and baby sisters, to the wonderful women of Montreal [you ladies are one of a kind], and to all artists, actors, style icons, tumblr girls, youtube ladies, etc. that inspire me on a regular.

Last thing before a sign out I wanted to share videos of a few ladies from many different generation who’ve had an effect on me recently

Xo –MF Gold

Happy Women’s Day!!!

To all my Phenomenal Women Xo

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