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MF Gold’s 2012 Favorites

It’s that time of year again! Call me introspective but I love taking the time to reflect on the best moments of year that passed and preparing for the year to come. Things happen way to quickly these days and my memory has never been my forte so these end of year lists are the one of my favorite indulgences. Enjoy!

Top 5 albums

Black Radio – Robert Glasper

Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde – Gummy Soul [Amerigo Gazaway]

Something You Feel – Jai Nitai Lotus

Sunwalk – Modlee & Vlooper

The Good Fight – Krystale & Kaytranada

Top  5 Mixtapes

Collation Vol.1 – Dead Obies

Supafam Mixtape – Nomadic Massive

1999 – Joey Bada$$

The Bite Marked Heart – Brother Ali

Soul Sisters Stand Up – Skracth Bastid & The Gaff

Top 5 tracks

If (Janet Jackson Remix) – Kaytranada

Midnight – Nomadic Massive

Magic Look – Marques Toliver

Thinking ’bout You – Frank Ocean

Five – RT Beat

Top 5 Shows

Kalmunity Vibe Collective [Dilla Night], July 16th @ The Savoy [Jazz Festival]

Robert Glasper [Black Radio], February 24th @ Gésu Theatre

Jai Nitai Lotus [Something You Feel Launch], November 21st @ O’Patro Vys

The Narcicyst [Last show in Montreal .. for a minute], July 4th @ Bell Groove Stage [Jazz Festival]

Slum Village, BIG Pooh, & Dr. Mad from Alaiz, May 24th @ The Belmont

Top 5 Artists of the Year


Sarah MK 

Rose Pacesix [aka Sikk]

DJ Lexis

Nik Brovkin

*Late Addition: Aisha C. Vertus


MIMS’s 24 Hours of Vinyl [Review]

‘A truly deep experience of musical sharing between music junkies. Yes, the fact that it’s a vinyl only thing is a big part of it: it brings the DJ back to his roots, reconnects them to their collection.’DJ Lexis

I 1000% conquer!

MIMS‘s 24 hours of vinyl for those who didn’t know is a great project going on in Montreal where for 24 hours straight a compilation of some the greatest DJs in and out of Montreal get together to hit the world with a purely vinyl set. Started in Dec.2011 this event is already on it’s 4th edition. Not only is this concept absolutely amazing but it also manages to reach so many music hearts because of the wide variety of DJs and cause you can tune in live from the comfort of your home at 24hoursofvinyl.com . This edition took place at Death of Vinyl, a great local record store, so we had to do a cruise by. It was such a joy to spend some time with my favorite music producers, heads and DJs but it was especially special as DJ Lexis said to reconnect with my music collection. Ever since that night I’ve been crate digging even harder and really feeling inspired for my radio set. We quickly get caught up in one genre or style when you’re selecting all your music via the web but crates well they force you to open eyes. You find sick samples, you reconnect with your youth, you broaden your scope, its just a beautiful experience. So I want to thank DJ Lexis with alllll my heart for initiating and continuously hosting this outrageous event that Montreal (and the world) desperately needed.

Xo -Gold

Artist of The Week: Slum Village X Dr.Mad

Thursday night is gonna be the illest! Why you ask? It’s basic math son. For one, Slum Village is coming to Montreal, nuff said. Now for those of you who’ve been living under the bad-rap-and-shit-beats rock over the past 16 years Slum Village is a Detroit rooted group that was formed by the late and great J Dilla (RIP), Baatin (RIP) along side the sole living original member T3. Back in ’96 these cats were reinventing the game with tracks like “look of love and ” 2 U 4 U”. That unique slum sound has shaped so many ‘heads that it is a little bitter sweet to experience SV without Dilla and Baatin but who better to carry on the legacy than T3, Young RJ and Illa J. As a matter a fact they’ve showcased how well they can carry the torch with the recent release of Dirty Slums which is making waves in the hip hop community so trust me I’m pretty psyched to see them perform it live. For two, they’re bringing along BiG Pooh! ‘what?!’ yup you read right Big Pooh will be in Montreal along side Slum Village. Oh but wait I haven’t mentioned the best part of all this. You know how sometimes you go see your favorite artists and they have some crap opening act that just kills your mood *ahem do I really need to mention last Thursday’s disaster* well fear not cause Dr.Mad is here to save the day. Yes our main man, producer extraordinaire Dr. Mad is going to be opening for Slum Village and he’s bringing along the Alaiz fam. On a personal tip I am so absolutely proud and happy for our homeboy but on a fan tip I’m even more psyched cause I know Mad is gonna pull out the big guns for this show. Imagine opening for the group that made you become a producer… EPIC! All of this and the tickets are 15$ :O .. yup musicismysanctuary really knows how to feed hungry hip hop mouths.

So do I even need to say it..GET YOUR TIX NOW!!! it’s gonna be an amazing night. To get prepped for night you might wanna check out Dr.Mad’s Favorite Slum Village tracks, as well his bandcamp. Stream or cop yourself the new Dirty Slums mixtape from SV and well rest and hydrate.. you’re gonna need the energy.

I personally am already ready to fall in love all over again

Noisemakers 2011 [and promising big for 2012]

Hey listeners and readers! So first off Happy New Year!! I’m not sure how deep into the year we’re supposed to keep saying that but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really wish you the best yet. So Happy New Year to all you and I really wish you a year full of new experiences, good times, productivity and great music.

Secondly I want to tell you guys a little about our new format of Say Word! Yup new year, new say word. We used to dibble and dabble between being a talk show and a music show in 2011 but we’ve decided that if we want to promote Montreal hip hop culture to the fullest we are better off sticking to the talk show format. I’ll still be bringing you guys some sick new tracks but the quantity will be reduced so we can focus on what’s going on the city. From now on you can count on Say Word! for the Hip-Hop news feed [local and international], major topics in Hip-Hop culture, bi-weekly interviews, weekly album reviews and of course your community calendar. With all this extra room for talk we also want to get you guys involved in the discussions so feel free to call us during the show at 514-848-7471 or tweet us what’s on your mind on our twitter @saywordmtl.

Ok so let’s get this ball rolling! This is week ‘s topic was Mtl Noisemakers of 2011 [and promising big for 2012]. You can listen to the episode here. Making this list was extremely hard for us cause Montreal has mad talent and it’s hard to selected only a few. This time around we tried to focus on people and groups that really stepped their game up in 2011 and that we think deserved even more spotlight than they’ve received in the past year.  If you have people that you think really should have made this list please e-mail at saywordmtl@gmail.com and we’ll follow up with a volume 2 of the list.

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Countdown till D'Angelo!May 30th, 2013
It's D'Angelo Time! Go get your grown and sexy on at Olympia tonight


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