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Reef The Lost Cauze @ Cabaret Underworld March 18th 2012

I’m not usually one to front so I’m gonna be honest, I had no clue who Reef The Lost Cauze was when I got the invite for this show. I knew that Loe Pesci was on the list of special guests so I was going to go either way but I figured I do some research. Turns out this Philly based rapper has been in effect since the late 90s and is already rolling 7 albums deep. Similarly to our boy Loe Pesci he got much of his fame from killing the Battle Rap scene so of course he’s mad skilled in lyrical play.

This Sunday night he’ll be rocking the stage with Adlib & DJ Stress at the Cabaret Underworld preceded by special guests: Loe Pesci [who just recently dropped his solo album GOODX2 be sure to cope one], Northern Lights, Casse Croute, Les Michel Chartrands and DJ Manzo. All this for only 12$ !! You can get more info on the FB EVENT.

Here’s a little taste of Reef’s skill


Beatnuts in Montreal!!

One of the most notable and recognizable samples from the 90s is Beatnuts’s sample of Buddy Baker’s ‘Sign Song’ in their track Off the Books ft. Big Pun & Cuban Link.That ish sticks in your head like crazy glue and their hyper lyricism is one that most bedroom MCs aspire to reach.

This Queen’s native rap duo has been in effect since 1989 rocking stages with la crème de la crème such as the other members of the Native Tongues collective, Common, Big Pun and the Cuban Link.  Fortunately for us, MTL promoters have been on their grind getting some great acts to perform in this city and this Friday March 16th 2012 Beatnuts will be performing at Cabaret Underworld.

Code Blue, Calle Cardona and Underground Railroad will be firing up the stage for us and DJ Smokeshop will be on the 1s and 2s setting the mood right not to mention that Local Royalty Loe Pesci is going hosting the night. So get your tickets ASAP cause it’s gonna be an epic show. Tix are 20$ and available at Underworld, City Styles, Off the Hook, Sub V, Moog, High Times and Lunetz.

For more info be sure to check out the FB EVENT.

Future Classic: Loe Pesci ”DMT with Joe Rogan”

They don’t call him the King for nothing.

Loe Pesci is an acclaimed King of the Dot Battle MC, one half of the Hip-Hop duo OG Hindu Kush, a Montreal Swag promoter, and of course a sick solo artist! Just over two weeks ago he dropped his new solo album GOODX2 on bandcamp, which within 48 hours managed to hit #1 of their top sellers list. A week later he blessed us with the release of his new video “DMT with Joe Rogan”. Can I just say.. Not only is this clearly a future classic but this ish, is a current classic!

“DMT with Joe Rogan” is the opening track off Pesci’s new album and totally sets the tone for the greatness to come. Being a battle MC, Pesci clearly has a talent for words and wordplay but it’s an extra treat to be able to hear his ideologies and influences laid down on a track. If you’re imagining a “yo mama” type rapper, you are deeply mistaken cause Pesci is richly versed in life experiences and complex referencing. Moon Boots also deserves a major shout out for the production of this banging and soulful track.

The video itself falls perfectly in line with the concept and emotion while highlighting Montreal’s best features. Sherwin Long’s artwork [the image above his work too] is great addition to the project and beautifully pays respect to Mtl Greats that are not longer here with us [R.I.P BNB & Dutch].

If you haven’t already, be sure to buy the download to GOODX2 off of bandcamp and if your into physicals like myself you can go pick one up at the Loe Pesci’s show Friday March 9th where he’ll be opening for Masta Ace at the Belmont.

[This article is also featured on musicismysanctuary.com]

Countdown till D'Angelo!May 30th, 2013
It's D'Angelo Time! Go get your grown and sexy on at Olympia tonight


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