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Artist of the week: Rakim (+Giveaway!)

Any Hip Hop head knows that ‘Paid in Full’ from Eric B and Rakim is one of the most important stepping stones in Hip Hop history. I mean if we’re being super honest the gritty production of the this album would probably put off many of the new spoiled modern ears but lyrically Rakim was unmatchable at the time and well still is. He brought the game to another level with his smooth flow and that unpredictable off beat spitting. You know how rappers (well good rappers) obsess about their rhyme scheme and how complex their rhyme layering is.. Ya, we have Rakim to thank for that. This man was crazy innovative and really brought listeners on a mental journey when he laid down a verse. Now that was way back in ’87 and though he may have left the scene for a little while, Rakim is still rocking stages 25 years later! no I’m not talking some nostalgic but kinda awkward beach boys reunion type show I’m talking live energy, new rhymes and sick collabs. So are you really gonna be that guy that who had an opportunity to see the Great Master Rakim live but decided to stay home and pick his nose instead.. come on man step your life game and come kick it with the fam at The Belmont this Thursday night.

Local Fam Full Course and Dirty Taz will be kickin’ off the night and Conscience is flying in all the way from Vancouver to hit the stage. Our main man DJ Simahlak will be holding down the 1s n’ 2s and I’ll be the hyper excited fan in the front row trying the spit on point with Ra’

GiveAWAY!!!: first person to send us an e-mail before 4pm Thursday May 17th at saywordmtl@gmail.com Telling us which one of Eric B & Rakim’s tracks uses this sample gets a free ticket to the show! [leave your name, number and e-mail so we can contact you]

[if you don’t know the answer all i can say is :-O]


Noisemakers 2011 [and promising big for 2012]

Hey listeners and readers! So first off Happy New Year!! I’m not sure how deep into the year we’re supposed to keep saying that but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really wish you the best yet. So Happy New Year to all you and I really wish you a year full of new experiences, good times, productivity and great music.

Secondly I want to tell you guys a little about our new format of Say Word! Yup new year, new say word. We used to dibble and dabble between being a talk show and a music show in 2011 but we’ve decided that if we want to promote Montreal hip hop culture to the fullest we are better off sticking to the talk show format. I’ll still be bringing you guys some sick new tracks but the quantity will be reduced so we can focus on what’s going on the city. From now on you can count on Say Word! for the Hip-Hop news feed [local and international], major topics in Hip-Hop culture, bi-weekly interviews, weekly album reviews and of course your community calendar. With all this extra room for talk we also want to get you guys involved in the discussions so feel free to call us during the show at 514-848-7471 or tweet us what’s on your mind on our twitter @saywordmtl.

Ok so let’s get this ball rolling! This is week ‘s topic was Mtl Noisemakers of 2011 [and promising big for 2012]. You can listen to the episode here. Making this list was extremely hard for us cause Montreal has mad talent and it’s hard to selected only a few. This time around we tried to focus on people and groups that really stepped their game up in 2011 and that we think deserved even more spotlight than they’ve received in the past year.  If you have people that you think really should have made this list please e-mail at saywordmtl@gmail.com and we’ll follow up with a volume 2 of the list.

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‘Story of My Life’ Video – Full Course

My boy Full Course just launched his official EP so I just wanted to share the video to his first single with you all

Xo -Gold

Countdown till D'Angelo!May 30th, 2013
It's D'Angelo Time! Go get your grown and sexy on at Olympia tonight


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