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Album Release: ‘Destin et Beyond’ – Monk.E & KenLo

Word! Interdisciplinary Artist Monk E is at it again. This is not the first appearance he’s made in my blogs and it definitely won’t be the last cause I’m is loving his work. 2012 has a been a particularly good year for Monk.E as freestyle poet, MC and visual artist. I mean if you were in Montreal this summer you must’ve at least caught one of his performances during the Francofolies with the K6A and Alaclair Ensemble Fam or maybe you caught a glimpse of his live painting exhibition during the Jazz Festival or maybe you made your way to one of the knowledge-hop event series he’s organized or better yet maybe you experienced his exceptionally eloquent improv poetry at one of the epic Kalmunity nights during the Jazz Fest. Needless to say that Monk.E has really been making his mark in the city.

Now if you jog your memory a little, you’ll remember that back in February that Monk.E dropped an absolutely insane single and video called ‘Voir ton Soul‘ ft. Sola and produced by KenLo. (This baby was on our rotation every week for like 2 months!) Now the single was supposed to be a teaser for the New album Monk.E and KenLo were working on called ‘Destin et Beyond’ due to release ____???____ . Yup till about last week no one knew when this Masterpiece was gonna release but Ladies and Gentleman i have a date for you!!! Pull out your calendars and make a big bright star on October 18th 2012. Its going down at Les Bobards as 9pm. Our fav fellas CeasRock and Markings will warming up the floor for him and he will also be unveiling 17 of his new art pieces. It’s gonna be a guaranteed epic night.

Need more convincing? Well MonkE and KenLo taught they’d hook you up with a little teaser. Enjoy!


Noisemakers 2011 [and promising big for 2012]

Hey listeners and readers! So first off Happy New Year!! I’m not sure how deep into the year we’re supposed to keep saying that but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really wish you the best yet. So Happy New Year to all you and I really wish you a year full of new experiences, good times, productivity and great music.

Secondly I want to tell you guys a little about our new format of Say Word! Yup new year, new say word. We used to dibble and dabble between being a talk show and a music show in 2011 but we’ve decided that if we want to promote Montreal hip hop culture to the fullest we are better off sticking to the talk show format. I’ll still be bringing you guys some sick new tracks but the quantity will be reduced so we can focus on what’s going on the city. From now on you can count on Say Word! for the Hip-Hop news feed [local and international], major topics in Hip-Hop culture, bi-weekly interviews, weekly album reviews and of course your community calendar. With all this extra room for talk we also want to get you guys involved in the discussions so feel free to call us during the show at 514-848-7471 or tweet us what’s on your mind on our twitter @saywordmtl.

Ok so let’s get this ball rolling! This is week ‘s topic was Mtl Noisemakers of 2011 [and promising big for 2012]. You can listen to the episode here. Making this list was extremely hard for us cause Montreal has mad talent and it’s hard to selected only a few. This time around we tried to focus on people and groups that really stepped their game up in 2011 and that we think deserved even more spotlight than they’ve received in the past year.  If you have people that you think really should have made this list please e-mail at saywordmtl@gmail.com and we’ll follow up with a volume 2 of the list.

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Countdown till D'Angelo!May 30th, 2013
It's D'Angelo Time! Go get your grown and sexy on at Olympia tonight


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