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Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is M F, GO to the LD.                  I used to rock to pigtails like an O.G, hehehe aight enough playing.

First off, Welcome to ‘Say Word!’ everyone. I’m so glad that you guys are taking the time to experience this project that is so dear to me. So as you may know, I go by the name MF Gold and I’m the creator of the Say Word! radio show which started in April 2011. The idea behind this show was initially just a platform for me to express my love for Hip Hop but with time it became much bigger than me, to the point where it is now a platform for local artists to showcase their talent, a reliable source for hot new and events, a discussion forum and well basically a just a good place to get your dose of Montreal Hip Hop Culture. I feel very blessed that more and more people are seeking out ‘Say Word!’ and promise to keep bringing you guys the best of what I know and experience. Be sure to check my personal website !

Mini Bio:

For those of you interested on the more personal tip…

My real is Annick MF and I was born and raised in Montreal. My family is Haitian with a pinch Cuban so you can only imagine that I grew up with a constant presence of arts and soulful food. In in my early years, my mom and I traveled a lot back and forth to the U.S & the Caribbean [which is how I picked up my love for traveling] and I went to an elementary school in Cote-des-Neiges (Montreal) where I experienced pretty much every culture out there and became the inter-cultural fiend that I am now. By the time I started high-school, my mom had left behind her nomadic ways so I spent the full five years at F.A.C.E high-school where I further deepened my love for arts and built the amazing friendship I have now with Caity (one of your dedicated writers). At that time in our lives we were big on acting and associated ourselves to black theater workshop. That’s where we met Jason Blackbird, the man who sparked my love for Hip Hop. I’d always appreciated Hip Hop music before then, being the younger sibling of two music heads but I had no clue that Hip Hop Culture ran so deep. Since that moment I’ve been a true born Hip Hop Head using it for everything I do whether it be cleaning my house to the sounds of ‘Illmatic’ or creating community projects with Hip Hop as the core implement. Over the years many things have changed in my life and I’m still not sure where this road is actually leading but all my essentials have transcended the times: My family is my first source of inspiration, my deep friendship with Caity [which is now 12 years strong] brings me joy and confidence everyday, I live and breathe Hip Hop and I’m still an inter-disciplinary artist consistently trying to broaden her scope.



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