So. I have a lot of trouble writing mini bios for myself, but here goes. My name is Caity, I grew up in Regina Saskatchewan but I’ve called Montreal my home since 1999. I’ve been surrounded by music and art my whole life, my family has a long history of being involved in arts, whether it be music, theatre, painting, writing.. I grew up a professional appreciator. My high school was very arts-oriented, which was a blessing and a curse really. I got used to participating, I took it for granted that music and theatre and all kinds/forms of art would be part and parcel of everyday life. I got to hone my creative self all day every day, and while never a person to live in the past and talk about high school as some kind of  ‘glory days’, it was a challenge moving on from a place where doing creative things was a given, to somewhere more complex. One of the things I miss most is the talking/thinking about art in all its forms with other people on a really common ground. I think that’s part of the reason the friendship I share with MF Gold has lasted this long, because we get it. We get what its like to lose the quotidian aspect of art, the kind of everyday appreciation for it. And Hip Hop has definitely been a part of that. I’ve always had really eclectic musical taste and so when I talk about music sometimes it feels a bit all over the board. But something about Hip Hop has always sparked something in that, maybe its that its not just about a specific musical form, or maybe its because it was the first type of music whose history I explored in depth. Since I’ve started my post-secondary education I have sought out classes that would not only let me think about and talk about music on a day to day, but have deepened my understanding and respect for musical forms. I’ve taken classes on classical music, jazz and blues. I’ve taken a course about soul music, and yes, I’ve taken classes on Hip Hop. I just love music man, and I want to write/talk about/learn/make music for as long as I can.

Open Letter to Hip Hop:

How a prairie born dork fell so hard in love with Hip Hop

Growing up, I was not exposed to very much Hip Hop at all. You know, besides the odd rap break in Backstreet Boys songs, my education in all things Hip Hop was seriously lacking. Saskatchewan in the 90s was not, at least in the circles that I ran in, uh, at 10, a musically discerning place. It was only later, listening to Wu Tang and Lauryn Hill for the first time, that I realized what a huge movement and history I had been missing. After living in Montreal for a few years, during my indiepunkmetal days in high school, when MF Gold and I joined the Youthworks theatre program, that my love for Hip Hop went from pretty much not existing, to a soul aching want for beats and rhymes to fill my ears, to occupy the space in my mind that had finally stood up and taken notice. We were so lucky man, not only did I get Hip Hop schooled there (literally, we had classes), I was fortunate enough to theatre alongside young artists making a name in the Hip Hop scene. So there I was, 14 or 15 years old, just learning who I was, and there was Hip Hop, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t appreciated its massive power and wonder before. The Montreal scene that was my first introduction to my own love for Hip Hop, continues its inspiration and influence, and here I am, invited into a forum where I get to talk about Hip Hop and share my love for it week to week and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to learn what else I’ve been missing, to hear from artists and appreciators, and of course from my girl MF Gold.


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