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Montreal Nomad: Matt Rousseau

2418482913-1It’s always a bitter sweet moment when Montreal artists leave the city to go further their education and career in other lands but you can’t help but be crazy proud when you look at the product they bring back. Bass (Electric and Double) player Matt Rousseau left us a couple of years back to study at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York where he ended up joining forces with well known guitarist and composer Tom Csatari. When I got to check out Rousseau with the Tom Csatari Band at the Upstairs Jazz Bar and Grill last summer, I was truly impressed by the new level of art he was serving us. Previously, I’d been following his career as part of The Franky Rousseau Large Band and The Bud Rice Band so I knew he could really set the tone with a solid groove but what he’s doing now is a whole other game. Now you guys all know that I come from a mainly Hip Hop and Soul background so bass is easily one of the most important instruments in my mind which is why sometimes I feel like when I go check out jazz and cinematic-groove type shows I feel like there’s a lack of assertiveness from the bass players. Thankfully Matt Rousseau doesn’t fall in that category, within the first beats of a piece his bass line is laid down strong and confidently giving room to other musicians to venture off in artistic melodies cause the tone has been set and wont falter. I don’t know if the Tom Csatari Band will be making their way back up to Montreal this summer but in the meantime they have a 5-piece EP available on Bandcamp that you should definitely check out. ‘Blues for Edna’ is my personal favorite.

Keep making us proud across the border Rousseau! [Yup he’s the guy the picture reppin’ Montreal with his Habs Shirt on *sigh*]



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