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Chris RT presents Unbalanced

Being a media personality I’m often stuck in the same conversation with artists where they try to get me all hyped up for the supposed ‘Big Something’ they got coming out ‘This Year’ and well.. that big something never comes around. That’s why I never trust a hype man. True go-getters don’t have time to toot their own horn (good thing they don’t cause i’d be out of a job) and let me tell y’all Chris RT, c’est un-vrai-de-vrai go-getter. Ever since he dropped Lost Hdd, I’ve been hassling him seeing if he could leak a little something for the Say Word fam and all I ever heard was ‘you’ll get something when it’s ready’. Well folks, it’s time. Chris RT just released the video teaser to his upcoming album Unbalanced today. RT got together with one of the best up & coming videographers of the city, Ms Rose Pacesix of course, and created a beautiful self-portrait video featuring four amazing tracks off the album. So far I’m really digging ‘Don’t Stop’ and can’t wait to find out what other gems from his repertoire will be making it on Unbalanced.



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