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Nomadic Massive SUPAFAM Mixtape Launch

Nomadic Massive is such an essential part of the Hip Hop community in Montreal that it almost feels ridiculous to give them an introduction but just in case you didn’t know let’s go a head and back track.

So back in 2004, a couple of great like-minded artists from the city linked up for what was supposed to be a one-time collaboration for the 10th International Hip Hop Festival of Cuba. Many a tales have come from that trip but all we know for sure is that it solidified one of the most important collectives this city has ever seen. Coming from such a beautiful medley of cultures and backgrounds they created a sound that has yet to be imitated and could never be duplicated.

In 2006, we got a real feel for their high skill in lyricism when they dropped their EP Nomad’s Land. Spitting in over 6 languages and laying down head bumping beats already had us hooked but when you started breaking down the verses you realized that these cats weren’t just here to play. Tracks like OWD (Oil, Weapons, and Drugs) were packed with some serious knowledge dropping. When my 17-year-old hands got a hold of this gem, my mind’s horizon widened by at least two fields. Had I known at the time that this was only one of Nomadic’s mission statements I would probably be even further in life now. Behind their music making the Nomads were all highly involved in community building whether it be as teachers, youth workers, and health professionals or with projects such a No Bad Sound Studio and the Concordia Hip Hop Symposium. Amazingly enough, their influence did not stop there. With the international connections they gained over the years they became what I like to call Hip Hop ambassadors creating strong bonds with communities all over the globe, which benefited all parties and has opened doors for many other local artists who have followed in their footsteps.

In 2009, they dropped their second album Nomadic Massive, which was a moment capture of what you could expect at Nomad show; HIGH ENERGY. If you’ve ever seen them perform Reveye live you know exactly what I mean.This album and the series of amazing performances that came after its release had them clocked as Best Hip Hop Group (Montreal Mirror) for 3 years in a row and a reoccurring feature at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

Now, it’s been 3 years since their last drop and though they’ve kept us quite satisfied with live shows, solo performances and side projects such as Hip Hop Revival, it’s about time that we got something that we can take home! This Saturday our thirst will finally be quenched with the launch of their new mixtape SUPAFAM. We were teased with the release of the title single and amazing video so I can only imagine how unbelievable this is gonna be. Plus what a great name for their mixtape because if there’s one thing you’ll notice when you see Nomadic, is that they always roll with a supafam (and yes, you’re part of it).

Nomadic Massive’s SUPAFAM release show ft. Kaytradamus + Dr. Mad (Alaiz)

The Belmont (4483 Blvd. St-Laurent)

10$ (Incl. download code for mixtape)

First 100 guests get an exclusive Tape (yup I said tape)

Big Shouts to Nik Brovkin for the artwork.

Oh and did I mention that Nomadic has completely stepped the video clip game up in Montreal. I mean seriously all the videos they’ve put out even down to just their promo videos have been absolutely priceless.




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