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Ana Tijoux x Alquimia Verbal @ Le Divan Orange July 19th

It’s been about a year since Ana Tijoux last rocked a stage in Montreal and man are we excited that she’s back.

This french-born chilean powerhouse female MC has been making music since 1997 with her former crew Makiza but it was really her solo career that caught our attention back in 2009 when she dropped 1977. Her hyper skilled and rhythmic flow has gotten people of every culture to fall in love with her spanish raps and as a hispanohablante I can tell you that what she says is well worth you getting those spanish lessons. She is one in the hand full of female MCs that has managed to keep an effortless sensuality and realness to her style as well as staying true to her cultural influences. Since her album 1977 she has already released a mixtape called Elefant and is currently promoting her third solo album La Bala.

I’ve yet to experience her live myself but from what I’ve heard I’m expecting to be floating on a high of inspiration for days afterwards.

To top off this amazing evening, the organizers from Indiemontreal had the great idea to kick off the night with local act Alquimia Verbal. We’ve featured this high energy rap duo (Yosb & Grifos) on our show many times before especially last summer when the Latin Hip Hop scene in Montreal was taking over the area. Since then, they’ve dropped a new album, Asi de Simple, which I got to experience a bit of live last week when they did a few guest appearances at the Heavy Soundz show during the Montreal Jazz Festival. I look forward to catching a full set by them cause what I heard so far was hot!



Ana Tijoux + Alquimia Verbal

July 19th 2012, 9:30pm

Le Divan Orange, 4234 Blvd. St-Laurent

Be sure to cope yourself Alquimia Verbal’s free album Asi de Simple to prepare for the show:


As well as Ana Tijoux’s La Bala of course!



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