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MIMS’s 24 Hours of Vinyl [Review]

‘A truly deep experience of musical sharing between music junkies. Yes, the fact that it’s a vinyl only thing is a big part of it: it brings the DJ back to his roots, reconnects them to their collection.’DJ Lexis

I 1000% conquer!

MIMS‘s 24 hours of vinyl for those who didn’t know is a great project going on in Montreal where for 24 hours straight a compilation of some the greatest DJs in and out of Montreal get together to hit the world with a purely vinyl set. Started in Dec.2011 this event is already on it’s 4th edition. Not only is this concept absolutely amazing but it also manages to reach so many music hearts because of the wide variety of DJs and cause you can tune in live from the comfort of your home at 24hoursofvinyl.com . This edition took place at Death of Vinyl, a great local record store, so we had to do a cruise by. It was such a joy to spend some time with my favorite music producers, heads and DJs but it was especially special as DJ Lexis said to reconnect with my music collection. Ever since that night I’ve been crate digging even harder and really feeling inspired for my radio set. We quickly get caught up in one genre or style when you’re selecting all your music via the web but crates well they force you to open eyes. You find sick samples, you reconnect with your youth, you broaden your scope, its just a beautiful experience. So I want to thank DJ Lexis with alllll my heart for initiating and continuously hosting this outrageous event that Montreal (and the world) desperately needed.

Xo -Gold




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