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Politics As Usual

Politics As Usual: Big Shout Outs to the CUTV Family

In our last post I mentioned how ridiculous the political situation is getting in Montreal. Loi 78 has been in effect for 4 days now and the protests have gotten more intense in response. Since the beginning of the student strike, the mainstream Montreal medias have been awfully biased and strategically framed to make the students look like wild and spoiled ruckusers. Luckily I’ve managed to steer clear from that kind of propaganda and get informed about the real situation either from friends on the field or alternative medias such as CUTV. Last night I had the misfortune to have an uncomfortable conversation with some friends where I realized that even people very close to me are swallowing the junk media that is portrayed on cable. That reality really hit my heart and made me realize the importance of real people representing themselves. Let’s get one thing clear, It is in the Charest government’s benefit to make the protesters look like savages because it legitimatizes their use of force and dictatorial methods. No one should have their right to speak out taken away from them no matter how small the minority and if Loi 78 doesn’t scare you it’s cause you’ve never been on the opposing side of the government’s priorities. Open your eyes Son! the government will not always have your concerns at heart .. take it a from a girl who’s a quintuple minority. So do yourself, unsubscribe from La Presse, stop watching CTV and start following real raw unedited coverage from CUTV. CUTV, which is a volunteer staffed community campus television station, has been providing us with real, live footage of the protests since day 1. Many of the volunteers have been arrested, pepper sprayed, and attacked but they’ve stood strong each night to bring us honest coverage of what is going on in Montreal. Whether or not you agree with the point of views you end up hearing at least you’ll actually see what’s going on on the field and trust me it’s quite an eye opener. Big Shout outs and Thank Yous to the CUTV team for being so active for the community.

Be sure to catch the live stream, Check out the website and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel





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