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Extra Extra Read All About It: Loi 78 bringing Quebec towards a Police State

Hey Fam,

Now I don’t usually dabble in political blogging because I don’t feel versed enough to take on the responsibility of having a clear opinion and understanding of what is going on in the governing powers but today’s dictatorial news hit me with such force that I had to hit back however best I can, and I encourage you to do the same.

So here’s the breakdown:

In response to the past 14 weeks of student striking and protesting, the Jean Charest government decided that they would create a special provisional law ‘Loi spéciale 78’ that would prevent further public disruption, violence, and disorder linked to these protests as well as ‘permit students to receive teachings from the post-secondary establishment they attend’. At least that is the argument they are using to warrant the creation of this totalitarian regime. This new law is in full effect as of late May 17th and is to be in sanctioned to be active till July 1st 2013.  You can read the full French copy of what this law entails here but these are a few of the major points.

  • Suspension of the winter and summer semesters for all universities that partook in the strike and strict regulations on when and how this semester can be made up. The CEGEPs have until they end of August to make up their classes.
  • Article 16: a person, organization or group that organizes a manifestation of 10 people or more MUST send a written letter to the police, at least 8 hours in advance, stating the cause, date, time, duration, location, itinerary and mode of transport to be utilized. *The police may decide that this location and time is inappropriate and the organizers MUST conform to the alterations stated by the police.
  • Article 9: to ensure the practice of articles 2 through 8, the Ministry of Education reserves the right to alter and adapt this here law as well as issue any other law as needed. The ministry may also impose instructions to the school establishments that must be respected and enforced. The ministry must approve any negotiations between the school establishments and the personnel.
  • Article 25: Any infringement of aforementioned articles is an infraction that is subject to a fine of 1 000 – 5000$ per person per day of infringement however this fine augments to 7 000 – 35 000$ if the person is the leader or spokesperson of the group organizing the manifestation and can go up to 25 000 – 125 000$ if it is an association that organized the manifestation.
  • Article 29: Any person who offers support, help, advice, consent, encouragement or authorization that brings a person to violate one of the aforementioned articles is also in infraction and is also subject to the same fines mentioned above.

I mean WOW, what can I say. We have now entered a police state. Now I don’t care how you feel about the student strike cause to be honest I have a lot of mixed feelings about it myself but we can’t let the government blind us with that pretext to create a dictatorship right in front of our very eyes. According to this law I would drowning in 125 000$ x 100 debt right now because I dared to publicly oppose to the cultural discrimination of Hip Hop and shared my support to many of my student strikers fam. My mother, my sister dang my 12-year-old brother would be racking in fines right now. This law enables complete censorship of the mass and gives full power to the government. It is an unprecedented radical law that could literally change the essence of this province forever if we don’t fight back. Don’t let yourself be fooled in thinking that this isn’t your fight or that its ok cause it’s only provisional. Laws are the foundation on which our lives our dictated. Ever get frustrated that laws that were created centuries ago still affect your daily well this is your chance to make sure we don’t let this nonsense be passed down to our children. This law isn’t just about the student strike. It’s about freedom of speech and thought, freedom to work together, freedom to have unity against oppressors, freedom to fight back. We can’t let the government sanction a law against that freedom not because it’ll stop our leaders from fighting but cause it’ll stop our followers from following. Think about all those people who already stay silent in face of all this adversity, how does this affect them? If we can no longer fight as a unit it leaves us to fight individually and how many of you can say that you have that kind of strength in you? This law will only lead to more terrible laws and be the prototype for a regime that has none of us at heart.

So here’s what I urge you all to do: Read the Law. Translate, explain and share with anyone you know who doesn’t know or understand. Sign the Petition. Stay Informed. Search new ways to fight back and share them. Keep the fam close and never forget that united we stand strong.


Mad Love to all my fam that made me aware of this and I promise to keep doing my part.



p.p.s: I just staked another series of fines by blogging this Ha!

p.p.s: I’m not pro-Pauline Maurois or anything but this video helped me understand this law a lot so check it out




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