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Dead Obies Dans La Place!!

This Week’s Topic was Language, Flow and Hip Hop so who better to bring into the the studio than Yes Mccan and Nilla Bear from Dead Obies. This interview was definitely in the top 5 we’ve ever done. Not only did it satisfy our need to meet these boys that we’ve crushing on like crazy but it was also amazing to see that the way they rap is really true to who they are: Hyper informed, mad skilled, super opinionated, crazy funny montrilla boys who live very comfortably on the line between french and english. We had a chance to explore some of the issues that this community has with language barriers and where they would like it to see it change in the next few year so definitely tune in for the entire episode Right Here! and though we may have talked quite a bit I did remember to hook you guys with some great tracks so enjoy Xo

For all the newbies out there who are just now finding out about Dead Obies be sure to check out their bandcamp, cop their newly released mixtape ‘Collation Vol.1‘ and stay in touch with them via Facebook




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