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RantBlog: Really Though?! Anger over the Le Pionnier permit banning hip hop shows.

For those who haven’t heard, Diane Marois, owner of the West Island bar Le Pionnier, recently told the press about her struggles with permits to serve alcohol in her bar. Basically, Montreal police decided that Marois would not be allowed to have serve liquor if she was planning to host live hip hop shows. Hiding behind the twisted “logic” that hip hop and rap music attracts violence and gangs to bars, the SPVM is choosing to address the outcry over this ban by.. pretty much not addressing it. I’ve heard said that they are claiming that they didn’t force Marois to sign the contract, putting all the blame on her decision in this and leading to boycotts of the bar.

More creepy denial from the police and Regie des Alcools, apparently this is an issue of a musical genre being banned! Really though? You can’t see how this affects a vibrant cultural component of the city? How banning hip hop shows is DISCRIMINATORY. Sorry guys, I think I’m doing a rant post, and I’m totally posting it unedited, so I apologize for that. BUT SERIOUSLY?! This is so obviously racist, so blatantly a suppression of culture and artistic expression, it baffles me that this was allowed to happen in the first place [and is apparently normal for Quebec?! What.(See article on the Huffingtonpost)] not to mention that there has been no apology or discussion on their part of how this might affect people in the city.

We talked a lot about this yesterday on the show, and will talk more about it next Wednesday, but if you agree with me, if you have a problem with the ban in this bar, or if you want to hear what other people have to say about it, come down to 1 Notre Dame Est on Tuesday April 3rd at noon and join the movement against cultural discrimination of hip hop!

You can catch yesterday’s episode of Say Word! here on the site, we spoke with local artist K-Rim, weighing in on this issue and speaking of the movement against it.

And stay tuned for next week, we may have some more awesome guest speakers!



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