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Noisemakers 2011 [and promising big for 2012]

Hey listeners and readers! So first off Happy New Year!! I’m not sure how deep into the year we’re supposed to keep saying that but I feel like I haven’t had a chance to really wish you the best yet. So Happy New Year to all you and I really wish you a year full of new experiences, good times, productivity and great music.

Secondly I want to tell you guys a little about our new format of Say Word! Yup new year, new say word. We used to dibble and dabble between being a talk show and a music show in 2011 but we’ve decided that if we want to promote Montreal hip hop culture to the fullest we are better off sticking to the talk show format. I’ll still be bringing you guys some sick new tracks but the quantity will be reduced so we can focus on what’s going on the city. From now on you can count on Say Word! for the Hip-Hop news feed [local and international], major topics in Hip-Hop culture, bi-weekly interviews, weekly album reviews and of course your community calendar. With all this extra room for talk we also want to get you guys involved in the discussions so feel free to call us during the show at 514-848-7471 or tweet us what’s on your mind on our twitter @saywordmtl.

Ok so let’s get this ball rolling! This is week ‘s topic was Mtl Noisemakers of 2011 [and promising big for 2012]. You can listen to the episode here. Making this list was extremely hard for us cause Montreal has mad talent and it’s hard to selected only a few. This time around we tried to focus on people and groups that really stepped their game up in 2011 and that we think deserved even more spotlight than they’ve received in the past year.  If you have people that you think really should have made this list please e-mail at saywordmtl@gmail.com and we’ll follow up with a volume 2 of the list.


Montreal Producers: Seriously Chapeau guys.  I think that one of the main reasons why Montreal Hip-Hop has experienced such an uprising is because MCs and Singers are collaborating with some of most ridiculous producers. The beats are hype, the mixing crisp and the sound is just plain dope. Mad respects guys. I want to particularly shout out the Alaiz crew, Ken-Lo, Andre Milton & Nathan Balaga, Jordan Dare, there are so many more but you know who you are.

Live Hip-Hop: This is super unique to Montreal. Hip Hop and live musicians are almost synonymous in this city and it’s so amazing.  S/O to Groundfood, Kalmunity Vibe Collective, Nomadic Massive, Ruckus, and the likes

CeasRock: I ain’t gonna lie he’s my personal mtl hip hop crush. The guy is a boss. I love his collabos, I love his mixtapes, He’s everywhere in the mtl hip hop scene and he just smells like swagger.

Female MCs and Singers galore: The ladies in this town are not only talented but they are taking their career in hand and just blowing the place apart S/O to Heart Streets, Sarah Linhares, Nantali [iamablackgirl], Meryem Saci, Malika, Connie Bidouzo, Sarah MK, Odessa and the many more

Jonathan Emile: I mean seriously he’s an amazing rapper, has a record label, was nominated for a grammy, and performed with the likes of Common and Nelly. JonE is just a superstar and we are mad proud of him.

Visual Arts:

Chopin Joseph: One of my personal favorite multidisciplinary artists, who does everything from graphic design to photography to screen prints. You can check out his stuff at http://www.saatchionline.com/chopin

The whole mtl graffiti movement: Graffiti is one of my favorite art forms but montreal artists really take it to a new level. We are talking full room expositions in the fine arts museum, 10 story high pieces, full week festivals, and international collaborations. Graffiti is amazing here. S/O to Aeshop, En Masse, and Las Bruxas among the many more.

Barbara Davidson: She’s just recently showed up on my radar but this montrealer has a really amazing talent and she using it to create some important conversations.

Nik Brovkin: Amazing visual artist/designer/illustrator! This guy has done work with some of great artists in montreal from Karma to The Narcycist and as his CV says he’s an all-around great guy check him out at www.overthebreaks.com

Arab Winter Exposition: Beautiful and Powerful Artist collaboration brought to us by Sundus Adbul Hadi, Tamara Abdul Hadi, Sawsan Al Saraf, El Seed, Karim Jabbari, and Yassin Alsalman [The Narcycist]. The exposition is going to be up at the fresh paint gallery till Jan.21th 2012 so if you haven’t seen it yet; get yourself there NOW.

Media: i.e. Blogs/Writers/Websites/Radio etc.:

Aisha C. Vertus: Haitian franglophone super piu piu girl! Aisha is always at the best shows, she blogs, and is a crazy video director/editor. You can check out her stuff on www.offbeatgeneration.wordpress.com

Music is my Sanctuary: One of my favorite sites to find some new music and just resource my love for music. Check it out www.musicismysanctuary.com

Mook Life: For the mook in all of us. These guys have no shame and give it to you raw. You can find everything from last night’s recipe to show reviews to graffiti to puke stories. www.mook-life.com

CJLO: 99% volunteer based! These are some seriously devoted people bringing you the best they have to offer. Seriously check out www.cjlo.com to see all the work we get up to.

Caity & Mf Gold: Radio hosts, vloggers, bloggers, journalists and life enthusiasts! No but on the real we may seem conceited for putting ourselves on our noisemakers list but the reality is that we know that we put a lot of work into this and it’s all for you guys so check it out! www.saywordmtl.wordpress.com [also check out my blog www.mfgoldlife.tumblr.com and channel www.youtube.com/user/AnnickMFGold ]


Lifestyle/Nightlife/ Food:

Bocadillo: Best anytime eats. I highly suggest the camembert sandwich. 3677 St-laurent blvd.

Bibliotheque et Archives Nationale Quebec: seriously guys get your read on. This is an insanely beautiful, huge and resource filled library just for us.

Le Belmont: I don’t even remember what this location was before being le Belmont that’s how unimpressive it was but now it’s one of the hottest venues in Montreal I can’t even the count the number of shows I’ve seen there last year. The Belmont is always a good time.

-Mtl swag promoters: I don’t really know what else to call this but basically I mean all the people who have been creating montreal merchandise like the NDG caps, Dios mios que viva Montreal sweaters, etc. S/O  to Ceasrock, Two Hammers, Boogat, Alaiz, and Alaclair Ensemble just to name a few

Public Figures: i.e. Entertainers, Actors, Promoters, etc.:

Asaf Gerchak: Aweome comedian and one of the best trivia nights in the city [Monday Nights at Brutopia]

Tujohaha: Tulia and Johanne are awesome comedy bloggers who really took the responsibility of promoting montreal comedy in their own hands so Thank you ladies!

Stefan Christoff: One of the most prominent activists in Montreal who uses many platforms to create thought and discussions. He’s also deeply involved in a lot of the wonderful events that are creating major noise such as the artists against apartheid concert series and the Howl series.

Occupy Montreal: Big Ups for creating thought in our city and reminding us of the power of masses

Morgan Steiker: Freelance writer, Promoter, Publicist and Music lover. This guy has been behind great nights in Montreal like Blu & Exile, DJ Nu-Mark, Hip-Hop Karoke and much more. So thank you Morgan for making our Nightlife off the hook

Yassin Alsalman aka The Narcicyst: Rapper, Writer, Professor, Visual Artist, Twitter king, do I really need to explain more. Narcy is one of my favorite people because he reminds that the sky really isn’t a limit.

Ok that’s it! I’m exhausted, inspired and so proud of this city. I’m sorry if you know that your awesome and we didn’t mention you but maybe we’ll cross paths in the future.

Mad love everyone, keep doing you




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