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Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

Oh, the repeat button. Definitely one of my favourite buttons, to the annoyance of my brother, and probably every person I’ve ever lived with. What is it about an album or a song that makes me need to hear it over and over again? I’ve always had this kind of obsessive relationship with music, which I’m sure anyone reading this can relate to. Any second of the day that I could potentially be listening to music, I’m doing it. I blast the stereo and keep my door open so I can listen in the shower, I’m the person who keeps their headphones on in stores, because let’s face it, the music on my Ipod definitely wins over what plays in malls. I always want to know HOW other people listen to music. Do they repeatrepeatrepeat like I do, needing to hear the same sounds over and over, or do they flow from album to album? Do they keep everything on shuffle and spend more time looking for a song they want to listen to than listening to it, or do they pop on an album and know right away where they’re going to end up? What about new music? I know whenever I get a new album it can take me a while to find the time to sit down and really listen to it, all the way through. I’ll have it on in the background and maybe something will spark and I’ll try and find that song/moment again and I’ll end up really losing myself getting into the album.

Has the way people listen to music changed over time? I know I feel like I never have time to lie down, shut my eyes and take in a whole album at once. I wish I did though because music is such a huge part of who I am, and I can’t think of anyone that I know who wouldn’t say the same. That repeat button though, it’s a weird thing. Sometimes I have no idea what it is about a song that makes me want to constantly hear it, especially (and this is the part that can get most annoying for my housemates) when it’s the cheesiest. Because man, I have pretty awesome taste in music in general, but I do indulge in some uhh ‘guilty pleasure’ music, minus the guilt.

I’ve been in serious bloggerblock mode this past while, and I’ve been trying to think of things that would spark me to write about something, which seems silly because 2011 was such a year. Such a year for music, for revolution, for remembering people that we lost and the perspective we all gained. Because for me that was the biggest thing about 2011, was that people who maybe have the tendency to live day to day, going with the flow were kinda woken up, people were paying attention this year, and that is exciting. Maybe I should be doing a list or something, top 10 albums, defining moments of the year.. but you guys were there, and I’m terrible at lists. And for some reason the only thing that I want to write about right now, is how amazing it is when you find a song or an album that is so fucking great that not only do you listen to it on repeatrepeatrepeat, you want everyone else to hear it. Blast it from the rooftops, dance along and sing your heart out. This weekend for me was Think Twice-filled, I cannot stop listening to Do You Want Me (Reprise). If you hear it playing from a rooftop, accompanied by someone who can’t really sing, that’s probably just me, living in the song, over and over and over again.



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