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Gold tape 1

I recently found one of the first mixtapes I ever made. Yes, I’m talking the old school cassette tapes. I must have been around eight when I started making them because I remember that was around the time that I had decided I didn’t like radio and wanted to play the songs that I wanted to hear, when I wanted to hear them.

My cassette player was crazy busted with the cover of the B tape missing and I had to manually rewind my tapes but it did the job and I was able to record all my favorite tracks onto one place, which was one of my greatest joys at the time.

Fifteen years later and here I am still frustrated with commercial radio to the point of which I took matter into my own (hence the radio show) and still fascinated with the idea of making mixtapes.  My equipment has greatly improved, and the joy I get from making compilations of my favorite tracks is still super strong. These mixtapes represent my moods, my surroundings, my upbringing ad well everything that is me and since you all are so dear to me, I’m start a series of goldtapes that will be uploaded once a week for you all to enjoy

Xo- Gold

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